Embedding Images in a Canvas Discussion Board

Ever have a problem trying to embed an image in a Discussion Board in Canvas? Here is a tutorial to help you!


Embedding Images in a Canvas Discussion Board

The Video Demo allows you to watch the process.

The Video View Scene allows you to see the steps.

The Video Try Steps allows you to tryout the process and get feedback!


2013 Crystal Ball… Learning Trends – Part 2

In addition to the technological trends and innovations posted in 2013 Crystal Ball…Learning Trends Part 1, Part 2 provides you some learning design strategies to mull over. Topics include: blended learning, customization of learning content, focus on engagement and interaction withcrystal-ball learners, gamification, social learning, and collaborative learning/e-workshops. This is where the art meets the science in education and training and in my opinion, is the point of departure for inspired course development! Customizing courses to enable learners to become active learners who buy into the material, not just because they have to, but because they are totally engaged, is the goal. This means consciously developing relevant activities for the target audience. Read the Custom Training and eLearning blog Part 2 here, and let your imagination play with how you might engage your students in a new way!

2013 Crystal Ball… Learning Trends

Recently I taught a workshop for college faculty getting ready for teaching online. It made me more aware than ever how overwhelming the entire process can be for anyone who is entertaining the idea for the first time. The terminology can be confusing, the technology daunting, and the feeling of being behind without hope of catching up, a risk that makes people uncomfortable. After all I thought a tin can was, well.. a tin can! Luckily, those who have taken those first steps are well on their way to embracing Distance Learning by building the foundational knowledge we covered in the workshop. Now, moving past that foundation, how does one get ahead of the learning curve? Keeping your ear to the ground and your eye on the future! Let’s peek icrystal-ballnto the crystal ball for 13 Learning Trends to Watch Out For in 2013 – Part 1 from the Custom Training and eLearning blog.

iPads are Appearing in Schools Around the Globe

iPads are being used to help recruit students, save paper, and educate students with new applications in classrooms around the globe. Some colleges are even giving out the iPads to new students and faculty so they are working with the same technology. Medical students are using the iPads to communicate with patients and teachers. Saving paper has new meaning and starts with digital books replacing printed copies.

edudemic article 9 Surprising Ways Schools Are Using iPads Around The World shares some of the coolest ways iPads are being used on college campus from Ohio State to Dubai. Thinking about how you can use an iPad in your curriculum? Check out how these universities are changing it up! 

Looking for an alternative to PowerPoint for student presentations?

Are you looking for an alternative to PowerPoint for student presentations? Teaching technology and media online can have its challenges, but Storify has potential for students to present their work and at the same time open their eyes to another example of social media. What is Storify? It is a website that allows users to preserve stories including photos, links, and videos. Mindy McAdams talks about how she used Storify instead of PowerPoint in her blog. Students were assigned to introduce the debates and research about (new) media and democracy. Creating a web page referencing the web content and online publications here, made for a quick and easy presentation of the materials.